Biontech Legecy

BionTech, which has 30 years experience in household water treatment industry, has been awarded the No. 1 sales of water ionizer in Korea during the last few years. With the advanced technology and reliable quality control, BionTech was granted the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification.

BionTech is currently producing the largest items of water ionisers in the world. Building on its technological prowess, the company has earned international brand reputation and secured world-class production facilities in the water ionizer industry. In preparation for an explosive demand growth for water ionisers, BionTech has established a new factory that could manufacture one million units of water ionisers a year as well as world-class research centre.

Drawing upon its advanced technologies and competitiveness of products, BionTech will offer more advanced, customer-oriented items, thereby contributing to enhancing the health of mankind through health-promoting effects of ionized water.

Major Patented Inventions

2014-02-03 Patent No.:1362188 Ionized water generation system
2013-08-19 Patent No.:1299687 Ionized water generation system
2011-11-15 Patent No.:1085577 Automatic shutdown valve for ionized water purification filter
2011-09-27 Patent No.:1069857 Ionized water system and its water purification filter with the genuine filter recognition function
2006-12-21 Patent No.:0662595 Ionized water generator
2006-03-02 Patent No.:0558936 Signalling device for filter replacement of ionized water system
2006-01-10 Patent No.:0543973 Cleaning water production device for home use
2005-01-04 Patent No.:0466229 Ionized water generator and generation method
2004-05-03 Patent No.:0431475 Water purification filter socket of the mineral ionized water purifier