Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center, Japan

“Eczema is used to describe different types of skin conditions that have much in common. The exact cause of eczema is not fully understood. Often, eczema is an external stimulus. It can be traced back to things. Introducing a patient who has recovered from skin condition after drinking ionized water.

Once a patient has been suffering from eczema for more than 10 years and even with specialized treatment, it is effective. I couldn’t heal. The 70-year-old patient is the president of a car spare parts company. After the war, his lower limbs suffered from acute eczema and later became chronic. He was repeatedly treated at a specialized skin clinic. The left limb responded well to the treatment, but the right limb did not. He suffered from severe itching that caused bleeding when scratched. He has been seen and treated by many doctors for the past 10 years. When I first saw him, his lower limbs were covered with blisters around his joints. Exudation of serum from the vesicles caused crying. I advised him to try ionized water. He purchased the unit, consumed ionized water religiously, and used acidic water to bathe the affected area. After 2 weeks of treatment, the blisters dried. The eczema healed completely after a month and a half without recurrence. ”


Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center, Japan

“Mr. Yamada, the director of the National Research Institute of Police Science, had a severe allergy. After that, he started consuming ionized water. My allergies have recovered since I started drinking ionized water. Since then, I have begun researching the effectiveness of ionized water. I have found that most allergies can be traced back to excessive acidification of the body’s condition and are also associated with overdose of meat and sugar. For all allergies, the patient’s antioxidant minerals are too low, which greatly reduces the body’s resistance. Your body becomes irritable and allergies are more likely to occur. The calcium solution is injected intravenously to stabilize the sensitivity. Therefore, it is clear that ionized water contains ionic calcium, which helps alleviate allergies. Ionic calcium not only improves heart, urination and toxin neutralization, but also controls acidity. It also improves the digestive system and liver function. This promotes natural healing power and thus increases allergic resistance. It has been found to respond well to ionized water in certain medical cases that do not respond to medication. “

Dr.Testsuji Hokudou, Director of Gastroenterology, National Ohkura Hospital

A double-blind clinical trial comparing efficacy against a variety of illnesses showed significantly more cases of results in which alkaline ionized water was more effective against chronic diarrhea than in the clean water group. In 94.1% of volunteers, alkaline ionized water was effective.

  • Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine
  • Dept of Pathology Tumor Biology Course
  • Associate Professor Rei Takahashi Kyoto University School of Medicine
  • Professor Emeritus & Fukui Prefectural University Dept of Nursing and Welfare
  • Dean Yoshinori Itokawa



Alkaline Ionized water helps promote osteogenesis

Calcium metabolism disorders are considered to be one of the causes of osteoporosis and are becoming more and more common these days. Therefore, we conducted a series of tests by giving rats various amounts of calcium and allowing them to freely use tap water, calcium lactate solution, and alkaline ionized water. Examining their bone and blood composition, the rate of bone formation was found in ascending order of tap water, calcium lactate solution, and alkaline ionized water. It is said that alkaline ionized water had a great effect on the improvement of bone formation, especially under the condition that the calcium content in the feed was low.

Dr. Testsuji Hokudou, Director of Gastroenterology,
National Ohkura Hospital

163 volunteers suffering from abdominal discomfort were given alkaline ionized water and clean water at 500 ml daily for 4 weeks. The overall improvement rate was significantly higher when given alkaline ionized water. Comparative double-blind clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of alkaline ionized water for constipation and, above all, its safety. It is seen as a break from the use of drugs whose side effects are unavoidable to some extent.

The effectiveness of alkaline ionized water is very high at 80.5%.

“Many different forms of arthritis and gout are due to the accumulation of acid in the joints. Heavier people put more pressure on their joints and therefore accelerate wear. But young people find it difficult. No, it looks fine. It is the accumulated acid that damages the cartilage and stimulates the joints. Unfortunately, the joints are where blood cannot easily carry waste products. Gout is the uric acid in the joints. Is to accumulate. According to Webster, gout is a disease caused by metabolic disorders characterized by excess uric acid in the blood and deposition of uric acid in the tissues around the joints, especially the tissues of the feet and hands: it causes swelling and severe pain. Increasingly, especially with big toes. In today’s medicine, there is no effective cure for this type of degenerative disease. Instinctively take painkillers because they are painful. However, the type of aspirin is acidic and can cause further joint irritation. The sooner we accept that these diseases are the result of excessive acid waste, the sooner we will find a cure for these problems. Sun Warning’s book “Reverse Aging”.

Alkaline Water Dissolves More Uric Acid

Uric acid is one of the leading causes of painful symptoms in gout patients. Therefore, controlling the production of this substance is the key to controlling symptoms. One of the techniques currently used to achieve this is to change the pH of the body to manipulate the production of uric acid. pH represents the power of hydrogen and is related to the acidity of the body. In other words, when the pH of the body rises, it becomes alkaline, and when the pH drops, the body becomes acidic. Therefore, by raising the pH of your body, you are effectively doing a natural gout treatment. The theory behind this is to lower uric acid levels by making the body more alkaline. This is because uric acid can be diluted with drinking water, and the more alkaline the body, the more water-soluble it becomes. The higher the ratio of alkali to acid in the body, that is, the higher the pH (or pH scale value) of the body, the more alkaline the body becomes and the easier it is for uric acid to dissolve in water. What you drink. If the uric acid degrees of the our bodies are stored under a sure level ( mg / dL in guys and barely decrease in women), the possibilities of gout crystals forming are plenty decrease. To make your frame greater alkaline, the maximum normally endorsed method is to drink alkaline (ionized) water. This is water that includes extra OH oxygen, not like O2. You can drink it or cook with it.

The first clinical test conducted in Korea shows that water can control diseases!

December 3, 2003: The Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Hans invited 15 diabetics and started their clinical trials. Scientists have divided patients into two different groups. They completely discontinued insulin treatment for the first group of patients and instead gave them ionized water (ARW), allowing diabetics in other groups to continue hospital treatment with regular insulin treatment. I did. Blood glucose levels have dropped overall, and blood glucose levels, which previously fluctuated significantly daily, have stabilized. However, the blood glucose levels of people who did not take ionized water (ARW) but continued to take insulin daily during hospitalization continued to show large fluctuations in blood glucose levels. January 7, 2004: Comparison of blood glucose levels before and after the experiment. The second group of patients received 5 liters of ARW / day. Significant reduction in blood glucose levels in all patients at the nuclear power plant.

Here are some examples:

1st patient Lee, 14 years old, blood glucose: 250 36 days after drinking reduced water: blood glucose: 204

2nd patient fan, 17 years old, blood glucose: 254 36 days after drinking reduced water: Blood glucose level: 144

  1. Patient Lee 2, 9 years old, blood glucose level: 324 After drinking reduced water for 36 days: Blood glucose level: 210
  2. Patient Lee 3: 20 years old, blood glucose level: 400 After drinking reduced water for 36 days: Blood glucose level: 168 Experiments have shown that ionized water (ARW) is more effective than insulin.

Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

“When I was working in fire insurance, I examined many diabetics. In addition to the drug, I provided them with ionized water. After drinking ionized water for a month, 1 Five diabetics were selected and sent to the University of Tokyo for further testing and observation. Initially, more serious patients were somewhat worried about treatment. Long-term intake of ionized water In the case, the sugar content in blood and urine ranged from 300 mg / l to 2 mg / dc. There was a time when the patient underwent blood tests 5-6 times a day and was found to be normal. The results also showed that the blood glucose / urine ratio was 100 mg / dc 0 mg / dc even one and a half hours after eating. The sugar in the urine is completely gone. Note: More Americans have diabetes than ever before, with an average of nearly 800,000 new cases each year. The disease has been steadily increasing in the United States since 1980, with 16 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes in 1998 (10 million diagnosed and 5.4 million undiagnosed). Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 193,000 people dying from diabetes and related complications in 1996. The largest increase occurred in 76% of people between the ages of 30 and 30.

From: US Department of Health and Human Services, October 13, 2000 Fact Sheet.

Prof. Hatori Tasutaroo, Head of Akajiuiji Blood Centre, Yokohama Hospital, Faitama District

“Our diet has changed due to improved living standards. We consume excess protein, fat and sugar. Excess fat and carbohydrates are present in our bodies as fat. In today’s lifestyle, the United States. People are more luxurious food than Japanese. Due to this overconsumption, obesity is a serious problem. Usually, one in five men and one in four women are obese. The degree of “burnout” when eating is highly dependent on vitamin and mineral intake. Excessive intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats increases the need for vitamins and minerals. However, little research has been done on the importance of vitamins and minerals. Today, many people suffer from acidosis, which leads to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, liver and kidney disease. If we can burn our food intake completely, there is no fat deposit. There should be no signs of obesity, as there are clearly no acidification issues. Ionized water is rich in ionic calcium. This ionic calcium helps in the “burn-off” process. Drinking ionized water provides our body with enough minerals. As a result, you don’t have to monitor your diet to stay slim. Therefore, ionized water is a savior for people different from obesity and many adult diseases and provides excellent support in improving good health. “

Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital

“Too much fat in the diet causes cholesterol to build up in the blood vessels, restricting blood flow and causing most illnesses such as high blood pressure. Vitamin K by Professor Gato of Kyushu University (Vitamin K produces blood calcium. (Because it can be increased) or according to the theory of consuming more antioxidant water, the effect of increasing cholesterol in high blood pressure is most important. Ingestion of alkaline antioxidant water for 2-3 months in the blood vessels I observed how the dissolving power of water, which dissolves cholesterol, slowly lowers blood pressure. ”

” My experience is mine. The most important concept about minerals for more than 10 years, especially in relation to ionic calcium in hypertension and other illnesses. According to the theory that Vitamin K (because vitamin K increases blood calcium) or more ionized water is consumed by Gato Medical Professor of Kyushu University, the effect of increasing calcium in high blood pressure is the most important. Too much fat in food causes cholesterol to build up in blood vessels, which constricts blood flow and causes most illnesses such as high blood pressure. Ionized water is an excellent solvent that dissolves cholesterol in blood vessels, so drinking ionized water for a few months should slowly lower your blood pressure. “

Korean Scientific Reports on the Effects of Ionized Water

Anti-cancer Effects

After injecting malignant pores and skin most cancers cells into most cancers-loose laboratory mice, they gave the mice alkaline decreased water and in comparison the scale of the tumors after 20 days. The effects confirmed that mice fed ionized water (ARW) confirmed tumor boom charge and notably decreased tumor length in comparison to mice that did now no longer acquire ARW.

Dr Hiromi Shinya, Director, Shinya Medical Clinic, New York

His innovative “Shinya Method” is used in colonoscopy around the world.

“Healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors of health, and it is widely recognized in medicine that most physical illnesses and illnesses are due to the acidic and dirty colon. Water is yours. It is important for your health. Drink “good water”. Hard water, which is especially high in calcium and magnesium, keeps the body at the optimum alkaline pH value. “

Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

“In my opinion, the miracle of ionized water is the ability to neutralize toxins, but it is not a drug. The difference is that drugs can only be applied in individual cases. Ionized water is generally consumable. Yes, its neutralizing power is very unexpected. Here is a brief introduction to a case of heart disease and how it was cured. The patient is 35 years old with vascular heart disease. I was a man. For five years his illness worsened. He was at the Setagays Government Hospital for treatment.

He has been in and out of the hospital 5-6 times over the last 5 years. He was undergoing a high-tech test, such as an angiography, in which VINYL was injected intravenously into the heart. He consulted with many good doctors for treatment and later underwent major surgery. After being released from the hospital, he quit his job to recover. But every time his illness recurred, the attack seemed to get worse. Last August, his relatives were desperate, hoping he wouldn’t live long. It was around this time that the victim’s relatives came across an ionizer. His illness has responded well and is now recovering.

Note: In the United States, cardiovascular disease causes more than half of the deaths of about 2 million people annually. Optimal drinking water treatment is estimated to reduce this mortality rate from cardiovascular disease in the United States by up to 15%.

From: National Academy of Sciences Safe Drinking Water Commission Report, 1977

Prof. Kogure Keizou, Kogure Clinic of Juntendo Hospital, Japan

“The stomach is easily disturbed by gastrointestinal illnesses and other common illnesses. In addition, nervous tension and anxiety often cause nausea and vague symptoms when stressed. Stomach The important role of ionized water in is to neutralize the secretions and enhance their function. Normally, gastric fluid increases 1.5 times in 1 to 3 minutes after consuming ionized water. For those who suffer from hydrochloric acidity or nausea (low gastric fluid), the presence of ionized water stimulates gastric cells to secrete more gastric fluid. This improves the digestion and absorption of minerals.

On the other hand, in the case of hyperhydrochlorination (high proportion of gastric juice), ionized water neutralizes excess gastric juice. Therefore, there are no side effects. According to a medical lecturer at Maeba University, the pH of gastric juice remains normal even after drinking ionized water. This proves that the ability of ionized water can neutralize and stimulate secretion. “

Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

Dr. Kerijiroo explains that with inside the case of intense renal failure, fluid consumption have to be restricted. However, everyday faucet water “incorporates phosphates, calcium carbonate, acidic ions … [it] has a tendency to lessen the performance of calcium ions …” he says in a managed amount. We consider that alkaline ionized water “strengthens the coronary heart and will increase urination.”

He similarly argues that sufferers have to comply with an alkaline diet (lower in animal protein) for the following six-three hundred and sixty five days and retain to drink alkaline ionized water to decrease blood urea and uric acid levels. To do. He additionally believes, primarily based totally on his scientific experience, that sufferers present process renal dialysis have to drink alkaline ionized water as properly as sufferers with renal sickness who do now no longer reply to medication.