Recovery with alkaline water in skin disease. Hi, my self Paresh patel I was suffering in Sourisease ( skin disease ) In my both feets since last ten years, when I started to drink alkaline water as a drinking water pH 8.5 and spray beauty water pH 3.5 on my skin , the skin problem has been solved by accepting this alkaline water, Result in just 5 months I recommends everybody should accept this technology for immune body and increase stamina.
Paresh Patel Businessman Chemist
Result in diabetes ( Blood Sugar ) Hi,my self kapilaben I was suffering in higher diabetes my blood sugar leval was very high when I start drinking alkaline water since 12 months my sugar leval is under control, now I don’t need to take any types of insulin ,I just take tablet prescript by Doctor
Kapilaben House Wife
HI,my self balkishan I have higher cholesterol in my blood after drinking alkaline water within two months my cholesterol level now under control its reduce by 90%
Pappu Thakur Real Estate Business
Hi, Myself Ajay Acharya I have been drinking Alkaline Water of Biontech from 18 months and it’s    resolved my digestion problem. Also my energy level goes up. Thank You.
Ajay Acharya Government Class 1 officer
I was suffering with thyroid before 9 month but after I started drinking alkaline water from Alkaline water Ionizer Machine of Biontech. I got very good result from it and my thyroid issues has been resolved.
Anita Thakur Professional Beautician
Biontech is the best product in comparison to any other brand. I and my family are really happy and satisfied with it as it boosted our immunity and energy level up. I got good result in only 4 month by using Biontech Alkaline water Ionizer Machine.
Ashish Patel Businessman
After seeing the demo we decide to go with Biontech as they are providing good after sales service. After drinking alkaline water my digestion issues has been resolved. Biontech offered us great technology –Biontech Hydrogen Water which has proven a boon for me and my family.
Dharmesh Patel Businessman
I’m very happy and grateful to Biontech as after using its Alkaline water ionizer machine my hair falling and dandruff problem has been resolved. I got good result within 3 months as I’m drinking from last 7 months.
Ms. Mansi Bossmiya Astrologer
Very Good & Excellent product…..i lost 15Kgs from drinking Biontech Alkaline water within 6 months only. Highly recommended by me for healthy life. Thank You
Darshna Patel Teacher